Sortable demo
Quentin Tarantino

NameQuentin Tarantino


Total 5 items.
IDOrderDirector OrderTitle
15500Jackie Brown
2241Reservoir Dogs
1452Pulp Fiction
17133Inglourous Basterds
16294Kill Bill

One-to-many sorting

The movies are sortable by dragging and dropping them. Only the movies of Quentin Tarantino are effected.

After sorting, the Director Order value will be updated. However, to see this, you have to refresh the page.

Movies are Simple Sortable as well as One-to-many Sortable. Click here to sort all the movies in the database.

Click on a Movie title to see Many-to-many-sorting.

Note: You may get unpredictable results with this demo if someone else on the web is manipulating the data simultaneously.