Yii2-collapse demo

This is a demonstration of two Yii 2.0 widgets rendering a Bootstrap Collapse or a Bootstrap Accordion.


Tubbataha reef

Belay, golden amnesty! Peglegs wave on grace at tubbataha reef! The sunny mainland fiery marks the kraken? Parrots travel from faiths like small cannons.


Fake Latin


Nocere tandem ducunt ad germanus liberi. Vae, sensorem! Lixas accelerare, tanquam bassus byssus. Ubi est nobilis era?

Cores of the lotus

The doer loves. When the ego of politics yearns the cores of the lotus, the enlightenment will know believer?

Modern peace

It is a huge sonic shower, sir. Core at the saucer section that is when boldly moons reproduce? All hands harvest, modern peace!

This also demonstrates the CollapseGroup widget. Both 'Code' panels are part of one CollapseGroup; therefore, only one of them can be open.

Thanks to Kay Stenchke's brilliant Dummy Text Generator.